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Page history last edited by Patrick Lackey 14 years, 10 months ago

Diffusion Lab

Alak, Betty and Patrick

Weight of Substances in the Bag Before Placed in Water 


Protein- 12.1 Grams

Dextrose- 7.4 Grams

Starch- 9.4 Grams


Weight of Substances in the Bag After Placed in Water


Protein- 12.0 Grams

Dextrose- 7.4 Grams

Starch- 9.1 Grams


Test of the Water Around Each Bag


Water Around Protein Bag --> Tested Negative for Protein by Using Biuret

Water Around Dextrose Bag --> Tested Positive for Sugar by Using Benedict

Water Around Starch Bag --> Tested Negative for Starch by Using IKI




Dextrose is the only substance that left the bag when placed in water as shown by the Benedict test. But, water also must have entered the dextrose bag because the bag still weighed the same even after being placed in water.



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